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Musician & Composer

Clarinettist & SAXOPHONIST


The latest releases by Rob Hall

Close Encounters for Bb Clarinet & Piano (Stainer & Bell/Clifton Edition C501)
Close Encounters for Clarinet in B flat & Piano draws on historic themes connected to the medieval closes (also know as wynds or vennels) of the Scottish burgh town of Lanark, situated in the rural Clyde Valley. Often named after prominent resident business owners, these otherwise unremarkable narrow lanes are given life by the records of their occupiers or through local tales.

Aside from the more self explanatory titles, ‘Luminare’ describes the astronomical interests of electrical pioneer David Hunter; ‘Jumbo Jive’ relates to the legend of an inebriated circus elephant escapee who became stuck in the arch of Wide Close; ‘Amber Sky’ connects the India Ale trade of Brewery Close with an occasional, evocative dusk light that cloaks the town before sunset.

“Close Encounters comprises five fascinating and contrasted short movements each set within its own very vivid sound world. The colourful harmonic language is drawn from a number of musical influences including flavours of Jazz, the silver screen and the French impressionists, all adding up to music that is both engaging to play and to listen to. The five movements are set at a comfortable technical level for the intermediate to advanced clarinettist, cover the entire range of the instrument, and the set would make for an intriguing addition to any clarinet recital.”

– Paul Harris (composer & clarinettist)

Suitable for intermediate to advanced clarinettists. Grades 5-8
Fifteen Flute Sculptures for Solo Flute (Forton Music FM1180)
Fifteen Flute Sculptures is a collection of solos for the beginner to intermediate flautist inspired by all things sculptural. There are three pieces at each level from grade 1 through to 5. In writing this collection consideration was given not only to sculpted objects and installations as artwork, but also to their settings, functions and materials, and to how living beings interact with them. Suitable challenge is built in at each stage, and, whilst some may have the nature of an etude, they are also designed to be musically satisfying, and to provide a range of approaches to flute playing which bring out the instrument’s natural characteristics. Rob Hall (Aug 2023)
Sonatina for Alto Saxophone & Piano (Forton Music FM1179)
The Sonatina for Alto Saxophone & Piano by Rob Hall was written during the summer of 2020 as the world was dealing with a pandemic. During the first wave of lockdowns I found myself experimenting with new approaches to composition I recorded several short improvisations on saxophone and transcribed them. Some of this material was then used and adapted for thematic material for this work. The concise nature of the improvisations has played out in a wider sense, particularly in the faster-paced outer movements. These are contrasted with a more expansive and exploratory slow middle movement, born of a more ruminative improvisation. The Sonatina makes full use of the saxophone’s range, including optional altissimo, and provides advanced players with virtuosity, colour and lyricism. Duration is approximately 8.5mins. Rob Hall (Apr 2023)

The spirit of the first movement ‘Allegro Inquieto’ (fast and restless) is effectively portrayed by the clever use of changing time signatures along with a rhythmic minor/major 3rd motif. The second movement in contrast has a timeless exploratory nature with the melodic line being delicately underpinned by rich but subtle harmony. As with the first movement, the writing effectively explores most of the standard compass of the saxophone. Movement 3, ‘Vivace Scillante’ (lively and glittering) is a high-octane roller coaster ride for both players involving extensive semiquaver passages and changing time signatures that give a strong sense of momentum driving the music to an exciting climax. This energetic and highly attractive work has been skilfully crafted for both soloist and accompanist alike and will prove to be a welcome addition to the concert repertoire. James Rae, (saxophonist and composer) May 2023
Sonata for Clarinet & Piano (Forton Music FM1148)
Sonata for Clarinet and Piano (FM1148)

The Sonata for Clarinet and Piano by Rob Hall is a dynamic and expressive modern work for the advanced clarinettist, that makes equal demands of both soloist and pianist. Written in the conventional three-movement form, the music is by turns restless, rhythmic, lyrical and atmospheric. The haunting central movement is flanked by dynamic and often virtuosic music in the outer movements. The work is fundamentally classical in its presentation but does absorb some elements of contemporary jazz too. Completed in 1990, the Sonata was first performed shortly afterwards by the composer at RNCM Concert Hall, Manchester. Movements two and three were later rebranded as Elegy and Scherzo, and recorded on their album Rhyme or Reason (FMR 2009) by Rob Hall with pianist and composer Chick Lyall, with support from the Scottish Arts Council. Rob Hall was born in 1969 in Solihull, England and has lived in Scotland since 1999. This Sonata is dedicated to the composer’s father Kenneth, a keen supporter of new music who initiated many commissions throughout his musical life.

International clarinettist Jean Johnson writes:

Using a modern musical language that incorporates jazz harmonies and rhythms, Rob Hall’s Sonata for Clarinet & Piano gives both players plenty of opportunities for personal expression and brilliant virtuosic displays.

I’m especially drawn in by the lush sonorities throughout this Sonata. I love the energy of the driving rhythms contrasted by long expressive lines, and the buoyant jazziness in the last movement makes this piece a delight to play.

Jean Johnson – Clarinettist

Tourama for Saxophone Bb/Eb (Forton Music FM1149)
Saxophone (Bb & Eb) solo, duet & accompanied
Grades 1-4
"short, fun and interesting character pieces, in a mix of familiar swing and funk grooves and other lesser-known styles" (CASS Magazine)

TOURAMA provides adventurous saxophone players from grades 1-4 with an exciting musical journey in appealing and accessible styles. With music inspired by Seville, Serbia, Scotland and far beyond, the itinerary reflects a refreshing mix which balances lyricism and impressionism with more soulful, groove-oriented fare. As a prelude to each accompanied piece, eight imaginative solos and duets help to develop technique and expression. Elsewhere piano accompaniments for both Eb and Bb saxophones have been carefully crafted to provide strong collaborative support for the soloist.
Full Speed Ahead for Clarinet (Brasswind Publications Cat.0336)
Clarinet accompanied & unaccompanied
Grade: 1-3

Full Speed Ahead for Clarinet has something for everyone, filled with 16 evocative pieces, some with accompaniment and some unaccompanied, that will take the player on a whirlwind journey around the globe and introduce different cultural flavours to inspire the imagination.

... Dawn Rise • New Day, New Town • Yin and Yang • Rangitoto Rag • Armenian Lullaby • Winter Palace • Penguin Parade • Mister Beat • Going Up? • Seven Hills Istanbul • Tempo di Mango • Jet Stream • March Hare • Paraglide • Takata-Taka-Takata • Journey's End
Eighteen Easy Escapes for Piano (Stainer & Bell/Clifton Edition C106)
Original creations and arrangements for piano.

Grades 1-3

Roll up your sleeves, pack your passport and get ready to escape to a whole world of new musical adventures imaginatively crafted by Escapes-series composer Rob Hall!

Through twelve colourful originals and six refreshing new arrangements of classic folk songs from around the globe, it's not only music you'll learn along the way, but a host of insights and facts around the inspiration for each piece.

With origins and ideas from New Zealand to New Orleans, Finland to France - including a five-part Nordic Scenes suite thread through the programme - there is truly something for all improving players in this wide-ranging, progressive piano collection with its enticing repertoire and new techniques to explore.

Also available as a digital download.

"I'm a big fan of Rob Hall's music. His jazz style is open to other influences such as classical and folk and the blend is a potent one. His music is very well written for the piano." Steven Osborne (pianist)
Eight Escapes for Piano (Stainer & Bell/Clifton Edition C147)
PIANO SOLO Grade level: 5,6,7,8

Original creations for the contemporary pianist by Rob Hall.

EIGHT ESCAPES for Piano is a fresh, engaging set of contemporary pieces suitable for pianists who enjoy jazz-influenced music without improvisation. This first collection by Rob Hall for Spartan Press provides a wide range of moods and challenges from the cascading opener Lifts, Escalators and Extreme Travelators, depicting a bustling Hong Kong, through the Edinburgh festival-funk of Cafe Graffiti and the whirling folk-infused Pied Piper, to an emotive epilogue Swan Song.


"I'm a big fan of Rob Hall's music. His jazz style is open to other influences such as classical and folk and the blend is a potent one. His music is very well written for the piano." Steven Osborne (pianist)
Eleven More Escapes for Piano (Stainer & Bell/Clifton Edition C148)
PIANO SOLO Grade level: 3,4,5

Original creations for the contemporary pianist by Rob Hall.

Eleven More Escapes for Piano both follows, and preceeds, the Eight Escapes for Piano... it 'follows' as the second book to be published, but 'preceeds' in terms of the level Grades 3-5. The pieces are contemporary in nature adopting a wide range of stylistic colours and approaches from the playful opener Twitter Feed to the evocative closing ballad Patience. Once again there is an inherently international flavour. Visit North America in Elk Dance, the shores of Kerala, India in Shifting Sands, and the banks of the Rhein in Antje's Wood. The more abstract White Dwarf I & II contrast in their sparsity and subtle use of over-ringing harmonics.


"The Escapes admirably maximise mood contrasts with a consistency of style, texture and individual structure in each piece." Peter Naylor (composer)
ABRSM Piano Exam Pieces Grade 1 [List C:1] 2017-18 Syllabus

Commissioned by ABRSM for their ever popular internationally distributed piano exam anthologies, ASIAN TIGER PROWL is a short descriptive piece about a big cat hunting down its prey.
It is closely linked in tonality to one of the technical requirements at the grade, the D natural minor scale, known to jazz musicians as Aelioan mode. The scale also appears in North Indian raga, home of the white tiger!

James MacMillan (composer)

ABRSM Publishing (July 2016)

Cover by Kate Benjamin and Andy Potts
© 2016 by The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music
Reproduced by kind permission.
Upward Fall (FMR 2020)
Rob Hall & Chick Lyall

Rob Hall - Saxophones, Clarinets, EWI
Chick Lyall - Keyboards, Electronics, Piano

UPWARD FALL builds on musical paths explored in their 2013 release Chronicles with extensive use of multi-timbral electronics combined with an even wider range of single reeds and additional wind synthesizer. A more relaxed pace allows for expansive improvisations to develop with textures ranging from the intimate to the orchestral. Retaining their unique conversational language the duo weave their sonic tapestries through the animated, expressive and introspective.
Myth (FMR 2016)
Rob Hall & Chick Lyall

Rob Hall - Eb, Bb, bass clarinets
Chick Lyall - piano

MYTH explores a variety of approaches ranging from Jazz to 20th century classical composition and freely improvised interludes, the centrepiece of which is a suite of music written by the Greek composer and conductor Giannis Konstantinidis. Originally grouped as a set of 44 Miniatures for Piano, 12 are performed here with extended improvisations.

"Konstantinidis’ writing is at the album’s heart, forming a twelve-part central suite that roams from the plaintive and solemn to the soulfully vivacious." (The Herald)
Chronicles (FMR 2013)
Rob Hall & Chick Lyall

Rob Hall - Sopranino, Soprano, Alto Saxophones, Bb, Bass Clarinets
Chick Lyall - Piano, Prepared Piano, Live Electronics

"A tour de force of great writing and free improvisation that merge imperceptibly into wonderful music…Each new release sees these two musicians raise the bar, they are as good as any players in Europe who manage to extend the jazz heritage" (Trevor Taylor, FMR)
Blithe Spirit (FMR 2011)
Rob Hall - sopranino, soprano, tenor saxophones & clarinet
Chick Lyall - piano and electronics

"..a genuine meeting of minds." Scotsman

"Saxophonist Rob Hall and pianist Chick Lyall take their music to audiences across Europe ... and their international standing is reflected in the quality of this, their third album." Herald
Rhyme or Reason (FMR 2009)
Rob Hall - saxophones and clarinet
Chick Lyall - piano

"..spontaneous thoughts constantly pulling predetermined structures in fresh, new directions to provide a winning demonstration of the duo’s great empathy as performers." Jazzwise

Supported by Creative Scotland
The Beaten Path (FMR 2005)
Rob Hall & Chick Lyall

Rob Hall - Sopranino, Soprano, Alto, Tenor Saxophones & Clarinet
Chick Lyall - Piano

"Tremendous" Sunday Herald

"...both players are able to find their space in the music with impeccable taste and discrimination." Scotsman
Freewheelers (FMR 2002)
Rob Hall - Soprano & Tenor Saxophones
Chris Greive - Trombone
Mike Dunning - Double Bass
Paul Mills - Drums

"Hall has strong ideas and a playful sense of form." ***(*) Penguin Guide to Jazz on CD

With support from Royal Conservatoire of Scotland (formerly RSAMD)

Heading North (FMR 1997)
Rob Hall - saxophone & clarinet
David Frankel - disklavier piano
Alex Keen - double bass
Paul Cavaciuti - drums
Special guest Philipp Van Endert - guitar

"Heading North further confirms Hall as a major new voice in jazz" Avant magazine

"A gem. Pat Metheny could have authorised this and maybe might wish he had."
John Wickes - author of 'Innovations in British Jazz'

Out of Print
Open Up (FMR 1996)
Rob Hall - saxophone and clarinet
Jim Mullen - guitar
David Frankel - piano
Alex Keen - double bass
Joachim Leyh - drums
Special guest Paul Cavaciuti - drums (on 3 tracks)

"An impressive debut" The Herald

Out of print